Wood Toxicity

The following chart appeared in American Woodturner June 1990,
Wood		Reaction	Site	Potency	Source	Incidence

Bald Cypress	S		R	+	D	R
Balsam Fir	S		E,S	+	LB	C
Beech		S,C		E,S,R	++	LB,D	C
Birch		S		R	++	W,D	C
Black Locust	I,N		E,S	+++	LB	C
Blackwood	S		E,S	++	W,D	C
Boxwood		S		E,S	++	W,D	C
Cashew		S		E,S	+	W,D	R
Cocobolo	I,S		E,S,R	+++	W,D	C
Dahoma		I		E,S	++	W,D	C
Ebony		I,S		E,S	++	W,D	C
Elm		I		E,S	+	D	R
Goncalo Alves	S		E,S	++	W,D	R
Greenheart	S		E,S	+++	W,D	C
Hemlock		C		R	?	D	U
Iroko		I,S,P		E,S,R	+++	W,D	C
Mahogany	S,P		S,R	+	D	U
Mansonia	I,S		E,S	+++	W,D	C
		N			+	D
Maple (Spalted)	S,P		R	+++	D	C
Mimosa		N			?	LB	U
Myrtle		S		R	++	LB,D	C
Oak		S		E,S	++	LB,D	R
		C			?	D	U
Obeche		I,S		E,S,R	+++	W,D	C
Oleander	DT		N,C	++++	D,W,LB	C
Olivewood	I,S		E,S,R	+++	W,D	C
Opepe		S		R	+	D	R
Padauk		S		E,S,R	+	W,D	R
Pau Ferro	S		E,S	+	W,D	R
Peroba Rosa	I		R,N	++	W,D	U
Purpleheart			N	++	W,D	C
Quebracho	I		R,N	++	LB,D	C
		C			?	D	U
Redwood		S,P		E,S,R	++	D	R
		C			?	D	U
Rosewoods	I,S		E,S,R	++++	W,D	U
Satinwood	I		E,S,R	+++	W,D	C
Sassafras	S		R	+	D	C
		DT		N	+	D,W,LB	R
		C			?	D	U
Sequoia		I		R	+	D	R
Snakewood	I		R	++	W,D	R
Spruce		S		R	+	W,D	R
Walnut, Black	S		E,S	++	W,D	C
Wenge		S		E,S,R	+	W,D	C
Willow		S		R,N	+	D,W,LB	U
West. Red Cedar	S		R	+++	D,LB	C
Teak		S,P		E,S,R	++	D	C
Yew		I		E,S	++	D	C
		DT		N,C	++++	W,D	C
Zebrawood	S		E,S	++	W,D
I  - irritant		S - skin	D  - dust	  R - rare
S  - sensitizer		E - eyes	LB - leaves, bark C - common
C  - nasopharyngeal	R - respiratory	W  - wood	  U - uncommon
P  - pheumonitis,	C - cardiac
DT - direct toxin
N  - nausea, malaise
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