Laminated Swirl Lidded Box


Mark Out Card Template For speed of consistent Marking cut out first Segment. And use to mark out the remainder. The complete Set.
  The first 2 pieces with profiles sanded smooth. Note that the sanded joint faces must be perfectly square to a common face. As these pieces are intended to have a central knob inserted then the segment width is not super critical.
Check fit before glue-up. The associated segment ring for the box body, segments as cut on chop saw, no sanding. Base and top ring slices of Oak mounted on scrap screw chuck blocks. Truing up the central segment ring.
. It is essential that the end faces of the ring are flat and true across the diameter. Starting on the base. Marking the foot ring, mounting socket and the outer diameter of the segment ring.
Sanded to 240grit, and sealed to check tool and sanding marks. Reversed on socket. Face trued up and bonding area checked for flatness.
The glue up can be done on the lathe using the tailstock as the clamp. This is a good time to check and true up the inner and reduce wall thickness if required. True up joint surface of top ring slice. And glue up, using tailstock to align and apply clamp.
Clean up the outside and sand to 240 grit. Seal to check for sanding or tooling marks. Using parting tool remove central waste, (leaving screw chuck block attached means it's ready for use later.) .
Undercutting and blending in inner top edge. . Reverse on Cole Jaws. and remove chucking recess.
Box Body finished..
Now for the lid.
Mount the segmented disk on a glue block to give access to rear.. Using Hot melt Glue Shape lid to fit Box top recess and drill hole for knob fixing.
And start top surface shaping.
Part off from Glue chuck and mount in Cole Jaws to start finishing top surface. And finish off, sanding to 240grit. And seal to check for sanding and tool marks.
Now for the knob.
Form good fit spigot to fit lid rough shape knob. And Glue on Lid. .
Clean up inner spigot.
And remove knob from lathe. Remount in Cole Jaws and finish off knob. A quick Buff inside and out.
  And there we have it, yet another Box. But with a swirly lid this time.  

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