Bangles & Bits 

Preparing Segmented Blanks 
  Make sure material for segments is planed square and true. I use a chop saw fitted with a simple plywood stop, a bit of spring steel helps push cut piece away from blade. Once required length has been set it's a case of just turning the stock over against the stop to alternate cut direction.
I like to check for correct angles with the disc sander. . Using the inner face against the fence as the reference. I tend to do a whole batch of similar segments whilst the machines are set up, then it's just a case of assembling them in sets and gluing up..
Once glue is set they are rough turned to neaten & bored near size before setting aside to allow wood moisture levels to equalise.
Making a Bangle and matching wood Ear-Rings
Slice up a suitable dry log, this is Cherry that is down to 12-15% Roughly mark out and bandsaw blanks  I work with a screw chuck so drill shallow hole to suit Fit a piece of sacrificial wood on screw chuck
and screw on Blank. True up face and periphery, clean up back face with parting tool. Mark Bore diameter, nominal 65mm for adult. Using slim parting tool separate most of Bangle wood from core.
Leave 3-4 mm of material at base of cut, don't part right through. If doubtful about judging depth, mark parting tool with masking tape, and use as depth guide. Turn outer contour.
Apply Finish, I use Melamine Lacquer. Complete parting off, remove Screw Chuck but retaining Core on chuck for later. Mount Bangle on Chuck Jaws and clean up parting edge and check bore size. Using half round scraper hollow out just over half depth of bore,
Make sure you don't hit Jaws.
I do it with lathe reversed for ease of use and vision.
Sand and apply finish Reverse and clean out - blend in second side. Apply Finish.
Note: Because inner rims are narrower than jaws, which are over extended, dovetail does not mark.
Making the Ear Rings
Re-mount screw chuck & core. Contour face and apply finish. Make initial parting to width with narrow tool. Contour rear face with narrow tool & sand to finish, apply finish on rear as far as possible.
Lightly mark centre and measure/mark offset in required direction. Complete parting off. Prepare dished depression to suit in MDF waste. Position disc in depression, adjusting disc and chuck inner align offset point with tailstock centre. Apply small tacks of  Hot Melt Glue. Drill pilot hole.
Open out, I use 13mm. Turn inner dish to back edge of drilled hole. Sand and apply finish. Gently prise glue off MDF, peel glue off  finished surface.
Take care not to let abrasive wander onto Glue, friction heat will melt and smear it all over the place.
Reverse disc and use drill to align, re-tack with glue. Turn and finish second side. All that remains is to carefully drill small 1mm hole for finings eye.  

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